Guidance for Technical Presenters and Poster Authors 2021


  • Please register if you have not already done so. You must be registered in order to receive meeting links.
  • The registration form asks for a presentation title that will serve as a placeholder on the agenda. This does not have to be the final title. The final title will be submitted along with your presentation/poster.
  • The registration form also asks for a bio/headshot. Although not required, we encourage PIs to include this as we will post bios/headshots on this website.

Technical Presentations

  • Presentations are due Monday, October 11 and can be uploaded here.
    • Please upload your presentation as a .ppt file. The ratio of the dimensions of the PowerPoint should be 16:9. This is the standard .ppt ratio.
    • Please use this naming convention for your file:
      (Your session lead has your Presentation ID #)
    • Please include the title, author(s), organization(s), and presentation ID# on the first slide.
      • Contact your session lead if you have not received a presentation ID#.
    • All presentations will be posted online as .pdfs. Please follow any review and approval processes that exist for your organization.
  • Presentations will be posted to the website on Monday, October 18 for Peer Reviewers to begin reviewing. Peer Reviewers will be instructed to email PIs with any questions.
  • Each presenter will have a 15-minute time slot and should be mindful of leaving time for questions. Questions from Peer Reviewers will be prioritized.

Test Sessions

  • Webex Test Sessions have been scheduled for mid-October. If you are a technical presenter and did not receive an invitation please email

Guidance for Poster Authors

Posters are due on Monday, October 18th and can be uploaded here.

Posters will not be reviewed this year as a way to reduce the burden placed on Peer Reviewers. Posters will be available to all via the website.

Please use this naming convention for your files:

Session Topics:
Innovative Deployment Projects
            Equity, Resilience, & Policy
            Sodium Batteries
            Flow Batteries
            Zinc & Lead Batteries
            Safety & Reliability
            Power Electronics

Poster authors have several formatting options for posters this year.

1. Traditional (Digital) Poster
Dimensions: 30 x 40
Upload as a .pdf

2. PowerPoint
Standard PowerPoint Ratio: 16:9, not to exceed 5 slides (Include title and all authors/institutions on first slide, along with technical content).
Upload as a .pdf

3. PowerPoint + Video Presentation
Standard PowerPoint Ratio: 16:9, not to exceed 5 slides (Include title and all authors/institutions on first slide, along with technical content).
In addition to your 5 slides, you may upload a short video presentation (not to exceed 12 minutes).

Instructions for creating a video:

1. Open your PowerPoint slides and navigate to “Slide Show” and select “Record Slide Show” and
begin recording.

2. File > Export > Create a Video

3. Upload both a .pdf version of your slides and the video file using the poster submission form.