2023 Peer Reviewer Guidance

Peer Reviewer Guidance

Peer Reviewers are key to helping us evaluate and improve our program and we appreciate your time and effort very much. Here is some information to help you prepare for the event on Tuesday, October 24 — Thursday, October 26, 2023.

The form below must be filled out and submitted electronically.

Presentations for Review

  • You must complete your No Fee Agreement paperwork before Peer Review. Please contact Sharon Ruiz if you have any questions or need any help with the paperwork.
  • Please review your Peer Reviewer assignments you have already received. Please email us at snl_energy_storage@sandia.gov with questions or comments.
  • Live oral presentations will be made October 24-26. Each presenter has approximately 15 minutes for their presentation, with a Q&A period at the end of the session. Questions from Peer Reviewers will be prioritized. Presentation files will be available for preview on Peer Review Agenda page as they are received and will remain online after Peer Review.
  • The reimbursement process for your travel, lodging, and meals not provided during the conference will begin when your evaluation materials have been received.
  • Evaluations are due electronically no later than November 2, one week after the close of Peer Review.
  • The evaluation form is available online. You can complete your evaluation at the time of the presentation and submit it electronically, and results will be automatically tabulated. Please do not submit evaluations in any other way.

NOTE: A brief Peer Reviewer Orientation Meeting will occur on the first morning of Peer Review, 7:30 am, Oct. 24, at the front of the conference hall. Please join if you can.

Peer Review Evaluation Form