Posters 2021

Poster Title Poster Author Organization Co-Authors
Customized Predictions of the Installed Cost of Behind-the-Meter Battery Energy Storage Systems
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Andrew Benson Sandia National Laboratories
Energy Storage Control to Improve Transient Stability in Low-Inertia Power Grids
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Ryan Elliot Sandia National Laboratories Hyungjin Choi (Sandia National Laboratories)
Operando Characterization of Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries for Grid Scale Storage James Goulart The Gallaway Lab: Analysis of Complex Electrochemical Systems Dominick P. Guida, Joshua W. Gallaway
Optimization-based Voltage Dynamics Estimation and Control of Microgrids Niranjan Bhujel South Dakota State University Ujjwol Tamrakar (Sandia National Laboratories), Timothy M. Hansen (South Dakota State University), Reinaldo Tonkoski (South Dakota State University)
Voltage Regulation in Active Distribution Systems Using Energy Storage Systems Ujjwol Tamrakar Sandia National Laboratories Tu Nguyen (Sandia National Laboratories)
Models for Evaluation and Optimization of Grid-Scale Energy Storage Atri Bera Sandia National Laboratories Joydeep Mitra (Michigan State University)
Koopman operator based battery energy storage system optimization framework Hyungjin Choi Sandia National Laboratories Valerio De Angelis (Sandia National Laboratories), Yuliya Preger (Sandia National Laboratories)
Replacing Transmission Infrastructure with Solar and Energy Storage Systems: An Islanded Microgrid Case Study Alvaro Furlani Bastos Sandia National Laboratories Russ Weed (CleanTech Strategies), Tu Nguyen (Sandia National Laboratories), Raymond Byrne (Sandia National Laboratories)
Energy storage price targets to enable energy arbitrage in CAISO Pedro Barba Sandia National Laboratories Raymond Byrne (Sandia National Laboratories), Tu Nguyen (Sandia National Laboratories)
Dissipativity-based Voltage Control in Distribution Grids with Storage
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Vijay Gupta University of Notre Dame Krishna Kosaraju, Lintao Ye
Optimal Multi-Channel Output Feedback Control to Damp Power System Oscillations using Battery Energy Storage Roghieh Biroon Clemson University Pierluigi Pisu (Clemson University), David Schoenwald (Sandia National Laboratories)
SNL CRADA – Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) James Ellison Sandia National Laboratories Cody Newlun (Sandia National Laboratories), Andrew Benson (Sandia National Laboratories)
Energy Storage Models for Market Formulations David Rosewater Sandia National Laboratories
Equity, Resilience, and Policy
Black-Start Restoration Assisted by Mobile Energy Storage Systems Manuel Garcia Sandia National Laboratories Joshua Yip, Brian Pierre
Flow Batteries
Boron-based Redox-Active Flow Battery Electrolytes: Design and Development Mitchell Anstey Davidson College Alexa M. Greenwood (Davidson College), Jonathan Nicoleau (Davidson College), Nicholas A. Kennedy (Davidson College), Jennifer C. Goodell (Davidson College), Prof. David Blauch (Davidson College), Michael Gau (University of Pennsylvania), Patrick Carroll (University of Pennsylvania)
Concepts for All-Iron Redox Flow Batteries for Long-Duration Storage at Moderate pH Minyuan Li Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Qian Huang, Fred C. Parks, Aaron M. Hollas, Vincent L. Sprenkle David M. Reed
Enabling Long Duration Metal Hybrid Redox Flow Batteries
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Jesse Wainright Case Western Reserve University Dr. R. Akolkar, Dr. C. Wirth, Dr. R. F. Savinell (Case Western Reserve University)
Mediated Lithium-Sulfur Flow Batteries Leo Small Sandia National Laboratories Melissa Meyerson (Sandia National Laboratories)
Metal Coordination Complexes for Symmetric, Non-aqueous Flow Batteries Travis Anderson Sandia National Laboratories Claudina X. Cammack, Harry D. Pratt III
Symmetry-Breaking Design of an Organic Iron Complex Catholyte for a Long Cyclability Aqueous Organic Redox Flow Battery Yu Zhu University of Akron Xiang Li (University of Akron), Peiyuan Gao (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), Yun-Yu Lai (University of Akron), J. David Bazak (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), Aaron Hollas (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), Heng-Yi Lin (University of Akron), Vijayakumar Murugesan (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), Shuyuan Zhang (University of Akron), Chung-Fu Cheng (University of Akron), Wei-Yao Tung (University of Akron), Yueh-Ting Lai (University of Akron), Ruozhu Feng (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), Jin Wang (University of Akron), Wei Wang (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
Tunable [3]radialene Catholytes for Redox Flow Batteries Christopher Bejger UNC Charlotte Fuead Hasan (The University of North Carolina at Charlotte)
Decomposition pathways and mitigation strategies for highly-stable hydroxyphenazine flow battery anolytes Aaron Hollas Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Nadeesha P. Nambukara Wellala, Kaining Duanmu, Vijayakumar Murugesan, Xin Zhang, Ruozhu Feng, Yuyan Shao, Ed Thomsen, David Reed, Wei Wang
Innovative Deployment Projects
Power Electronics
AC-AC Dual Active Bridge Converter Development Jonathan Kimball Missouri University of Science Technology Jacob Mueller (Sandia National Laboratories)
Advanced Capacitors for Future Power Conversion Systems Bruce Gnade Southern Methodist University Menglin Wang, Danyal Ahsanullah, Tao Zheng
Extreme Solar: Towards 24-7 Renewable Energy Sijo Augustine New Mexico State University Olga Lavrova (New Mexico State University), Satish J Ranade (New Mexico State University)
Foli Research Sam Calisch Foli Research Dr. Kate Murphy, Tucker Gilman
High Gain DC-DC Converter Collaborative The Ohio State University Design Zhining Zhang The Ohio State University Boxue Hu (The Ohio State University), Yue Zhang (The Ohio State University), Jin Wang (The Ohio State University), Jacob Mueller (Sandia National Laboratories), Luciano Andres Garcia Rodriguez (Sandia National Laboratories), Anindya Ray (Sandia National Laboratories), Stanley Atcitty (Sandia National Laboratories)
Medium-voltage Power Electronics for Grid-tied Energy Storage Applications Diang Xing The Ohio State University Xiao Li (The Ohio State University), Qianyi Cheng (The Ohio State University), Dr. Boxue Hu (The Ohio State University), Dr. Kristen Booth (The Ohio State University), Dr. Jin Wang (The Ohio State University), Dr. Anant Agarwal (The Ohio State University)
High Gain DC-DC Converter Collaborative University of Houston Design Kaushik Rajashekara University of Houston Vinay Rathore (University of Houston), Ravi Prakash Reddy Siddavatam (University of Houston), Harish Krishnamoorthy (University of Houston), Jacob Mueller (Sandia National Laboratories), Anindya Ray (Sandia National Laboratories), Luciano Rodriguez Garcia (Sandia National Laboratories), Stan Atcitty (Sandia National Laboratories) (Sandia National Laboratories)
Integration of AC and DC Microgrids with Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Kaushik Rajashekara University of Houston Jean M. L. Fonseca (University of Houston), Siddavatam Ravi Prakash Reddy (University of Houston), Harish Krishnamoorthy (University of Houston), Stan Atcitty (Sandia National Laboratories)
Device- and Circuit-Level Analysis of Vertical GaN Power Diode Reliability Robert Kaplar Sandia National Laboratories S . DasGupta, L. Garcia -Rodriguez, J. Mueller, A. Ray, G. Baker, R. Wauneka, T. Smith, A. Binder, J. Flicker, and S . Atcitty
Dispersion of Stored Energy in Response to Thermal Runaway Jacob Mueller Sandia National Laboratories Yuliya Preger (Sandia National Laboratories), John Hewson (Sandia National Laboratories), Andrew Kurzawski (Sandia National Laboratories)
Multi-Stage Power Conversion Systems for Next-Generation Energy Storage Anindya Ray Sandia National Laboratories Luciano Garcia Rodriguez (Sandia National Laboratories), Jacob Mueller (Sandia National Laboratories), Stan Atcitty (Sandia National Laboratories), Gary Baker (Sandia National Laboratories), Robert Wauneka (Sandia National Laboratories)
Connecting Alaska Remote Villages using Energy Storage Ready Medium Voltage DC Interties Michele Chamberlin Alaska Center for Energy and Power J. Mermelstein (Alaska Center for Energy and Power), M. Shirazi (Alaska Center for Energy and Power), R. Bensin (Alaska Center for Energy and Power), W. Thomson (Alaska Village Electric Cooperative), I. Mathiasson (Northwest Arctic Borough)
Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) with three phase Grid Integrated Inverter using 3D printed Magnetics components with Nanocrystalline soft magnetic material SBIR Project DOE Award #DE-SC0021784 Seshu Tatikola M A M Inc.
Safety & Reliability
Grid Integrated Marine Renewable Energy Project: GIMRE Jaime Kolln Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
A Lithium-Ion Battery Thermodynamic Web Calculator for Thermal Runaway Severity Assessments
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Randy Shurtz Sandia National Laboratories
Detecting False Data Injection Attacks in Battery Stacks Using Physics-Based Modeling and Cumulative Sum Algorithm
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Victoria Obrien Sandia National Laboratories/Texas Tech University Vittal S. Rao (Texas Tech University), Rodrigo D. Trevizan (Sandia National Laboratories)
Comparative Degradation Study of Li-ion Battery Chemistries under Grid Services Daiwon Choi Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Nimat Shamim, Alasdair J. Crawford, Vilayanur V. Viswanathan, Qian Huang, Namhyeong Kim, Ed Thomsen, Mark Gross, David M. Reed, Vincent L. Sprenkle
In-situ Reliability Investigations of Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries: An Ultra-Stable Reference Electrode Development & High Current Stressor Study Qian Huang Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Chaojie Song (Energy, Mining & Environment, National Research Council Canada), Alasdair Crawford (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), Alison Platt (Energy, Mining & Environment, National Research Council Canada), Elizabeth Fisher (Energy, Mining & Environment, National Research Council Canada), Khalid Fatih (Energy, Mining & Environment, National Research Council Canada), Roberto Neagu (Energy, Mining & Environment, National Research Council Canada), David Reed (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
Evaluating the Performance of Fe-Ni Battery Single Cells & Modules for Grid Applications Guosheng Li Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Edwin C. Thomsen, Nimat Shamim, Vilayanur V. Viswanathan, Vincent L. Sprenkle, and David M. Reed
Battery Reliability Laboratory at PNNL Edwin Thomsen Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Vilayanur Viswanathan, Alasdair Crawford, Daiwon Choi, Guosheng Li, Nimat Shamim, Mark Gross, Vince Sprenkle, David Reed
Systematic Cycling of Li-ion Cells Beyond 80% Capacity Reed Wittman Sandia National Laboratories Armando Fresquez, Babu Chalamala, Yuliya Preger
Gas Evolution Out of Mixed-Acid Flow Batteries Reed Wittman Sandia National Laboratories Harry Pratt, Travis Anderson, Yuliya Preger
Challenging Common Assumptions About Solid-State Battery Safety
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Alex Bates Sandia National Laboratories Yuliya Preger, Loraine Torres-Castro, Katharine L. Harrison, Stephen J. Harris, John Hewson
Accelerating Rate Calorimetry (ARC) testing of large format cells Joshua Lamb Sandia National Laboratories
Reliability Testing of Lead Acid Battery Module for grid services Nimat Shamim Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Vilayanur V. Viswanathan, Ed Thomsen, Guosheng Li, Daiwon Choi, Mark Gross, David M. Reed, Vincent L. Sprenkle
IEEE Standard Development for Energy Storage Management Systems David Schoenwald Sandia National Laboratories Tu Nguyen (Sandia National Laboratories)
Evolution of the Flammability Environment Surrounding Lithium-Ion Battery Failures Simone Hill New Mexico Tech Gayan Rubasinghege (New Mexico Tech), Michael Hargather (New Mexico Tech), Josh Lamb (Sandia National Laboratories)
A Comparison of Abuse Testing Procedures on Large Format Lithium Ion Cells: A collaboration Between the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation and Sandia National Laboratories Loraine Torres-Castro Sandia National Laboratories
A Zero Bouncing Circuit for Battery Short-Circuit Model Development Wei-Jen Lee University of Texas at Arlington Kaynat Zia (University of Texas at Arlington), Anusha Papasani (University of Texas at Arlington), David Rosewater (Sandia National Laboratories)
Battery Management System Standards David Rosewater Sandia National Laboratories
ES Collaborative Team Codes and Standards Seasonal Report Chris Searles Sandia National Laboratories
An efficient Tanks in series approach for estimating parameters of battery models Suryanarayana Kolluri University of Texas at Austin Yuliya Preger (Sandia National Laboratories), Venkat R. Subramanian (University of Texas at Austin)
Sodium Batteries
Low-Temperature Molten Sodium Batteries Martha Gross Sandia National Laboratories Stephen J. Percival, Rose Y. Lee, Amanda S. Peretti, Erik D. Spoerke, and Leo J. Small
Mechanical, Microstructural, and Electrochemical Characterization of NaSICON Sodium Ion Conductors Ryan Hill University of Kentucky Jacob Hempel (University of Kentucky), Yang-Tse Cheng (University of Kentucky), Erik D. Spoerke (Sandia National Laboratories), Leo J. Small (Sandia National Laboratories), Martha Gross (Sandia National Laboratories), and Amanda Peretti (Sandia National Laboratories)
Advancing Low Cost, Intermediate Temperature Na-Al Batteries for Scalable Long Duration Energy Storage Jon (Mark) Weller Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Mark H. Engelhard, David M. Reed, Vincent L. Sprenkle, and Guosheng Li
Feasibility of Na-FeCl2 batteries for Long Duration Energy Storage Applications Evgueni Polikarpov Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Xiaowen Znan, Miller Li, J. Mark Weller, Keesung Han, David Reed, Vincent Sprenkle, and Guosheng Li
Tribal Energy Storage
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage and Distributed Generation: A Case Study for the San Carlos Apache Tribe
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Rodrigo Trevizan Sandia National Laboratories
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Energy Storage and Solar PV for a Tribal Community: A Case Study for the Pueblo of Picuris, NM
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Rodrigo Trevizan Sandia National Laboratories
Analysis of Diesel Generation and Energy Storage Integration Benefits: A case study for the Levelock Village of Alaska
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Rodrigo Trevizan Sandia National Laboratories
Energy Storage Benefits to the Seminole Tribe of Florida Henry Guan Sandia National Laboratories
Energy Storage Benefits to the Navajo Nation Henry Guan Sandia National Laboratories
Zinc & Lead Batteries
Development of Copper Oxide Based Cathodes for Rechargeable Zinc Alkaline Batteries Noah Schorr Sandia National Laboratories David J. Arnot, Andrea M. Bruck, Rachel L. Habing, Joshua W. Gallaway, and Timothy N. Lambert
Development of Zinc-Based Anodes for Aqueous Zn based Batteries Matthew Fayette Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Hee-Jung Chang, Xiaolin Li, and David Reed
Enabling stable Li-ion cycling of a Mn layered oxide via Bi-doping Matt Kim Northeastern University Joshua Gallaway
Mechanistic Investigation of Redox Processes in Zn-MnO2 battery in Mild Aqueous Electrolytes Hee-Jung Chang Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Matthew R. Fayette, Ismael Rodriguez Perez, Bhuvaneswari M. Sivakumar, Daiwon Choi, Xiaolin Li, David Reed
Selective Polymeric Separators for Alkaline Zn/MnO2 Batteries Stephen Budy Sandia National Laboratories Igor Kolesnichenko, David Arnot, Bryan Wygant, Rachel Habing, Logan Ricketts, Ciara Wright, Timothy N. Lambert
Ab Initio Studies of the Surface Properties of ZnO Anode Material in Rechargeable Zn/MnO2 Batteries. Nirajan Paudel New Mexico State University Birendra Ale Magar, Igor Vasiliev, Timothy N. Lambert
Theoretical Studies of the Electrochemical Properties of Zn and ZnO in Rechargeable Zn/MnO2 Batteries Birendra Ale Magar New Mexico State University Nirajan Paudel (New Mexico State University) , Igor Vasiliev (New Mexico State University), Timothy N. Lambert (Sandia National Laboratories)
Effect of Additives and KOH Concentration on Alkaline Zinc Rechargeable Electrodes Michael D’Ambrose The City College of New York Damon Turney (The City College of New York), Gautam Yadav (The City College of New York), Michael Nyce (The City College of New York), Sanjoy Banerjee (The City College of New York)
The Performance of Low Cost and Highly Energy Dense Hybrid Zn/MnO2-Cu Scaled Cells Gautam Yadav Urban Electric Power Megan Booth (City College of New York), Mike Nyce (City College of New York), Jinchao Huang (Urban Electric Power), Damon Turney (City College of New York)
Hydrogel Electrolyte Application to Zn|MnO2 Rechargeable Batteries Jungsang Cho CUNY Energy Institute Gautam Yadav (Urban Electric Power), Meir Weiner (Urban Electric Power), Aditya Upreti (Urban Electric Power), Jinchao Huang (Urban Electric Power), Xia Wei (CUNY Energy Institute), Roman Yakobov (Urban Electric Power), Timothy Lambert (Sandia National Laboratories), David Arnot (Sandia National Laboratories), Nelson Bell (Sandia National Laboratories), Noah Schorr (Sandia National Laboratories)
Simulation of Morphology and Dynamics in Hydroxide Conducting Polysulfones for Alkaline Batteries Amalie Frischknecht Sandia National Laboratories Timothy Lambert

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